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Romanian for foreigners

We organize Romanian courses for foreigners at the headquarters of our clients.

Our customers are foreigners working and living in an Romanian environment and their goals relate especially to communicative activities.


Puls. Manual de limba romana pentru straini, textbook+workbook+CD, A1-A2 level, Daniela Kohn, 2009, Ed. Polirom, ISBN 13: 9789734611522. The textbook will be supplemented with communicative activities based upon pictures or any situations suggested by our students.


When completing 2 modules of Romanian courses you will be able to speak fluently in everyday situations.  You will understand literary language speakers. You will be able to use three tenses in conversation, the present, a past tense (Perfect Compus), and a future form. You will also be familiar with the basic plural forms, the genders of the nouns and some pronouns which are most used in conversation.You will master some irregular verbs.


12 sessions of 2 hours (+ 2–3 hours of independent study per session)

Training schedule

We have the possibility of organizing Romanian courses for foreigners in the morning from 8 to 12 and in the afternoon from 4 pm to 8 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays we offer 3hour courses at the request of our customers. We are able to organize courses at any interval of time suitable for our students.


The fee for a module of Romanian language courses in a group is 432 lei.