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Franchise Tax = A state law levied on businesses or corporations chartered within that state. The tax is typically based on the net worth of the taxpaying entity, rather than on income.

It is legal o’clock!

Solicitors, barristers, attorneys, counsels wanted for legal English course. Long discussions, contract formation and negotiations, contract remedies, company law, employment law, real property law, intellectual property, negotiable instruments, secured transactions, competition law … International recognition after the ILEC (International Legal English Certificate).

Tarif – 600 lei pentru cursul cu durata de 30 de ore (10 săptămâni) care include:
– Workshop de engleză juridică (6 ore) la care vom discuta despre contracte, tipuri de contracte și clauze contractuale în limba engleză.
– și un curs personalizat de engleză juridică (24 de ore) în București.

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Traducere contracte in engleza

You may sometimes find it difficult to write or to translate a contract.
Firstly mention the parties involved in the contract, the Offeror and the Offeree (the Offeror makes the offer which is then accepted by the Offeree) and also the essentials, the price and the subject matter.
The following are some of the typical clauses a contract consists of, such as Entire Agreement, Assignment, Acceleration, Confidentiality, Consideration, Force Majeure, Liquidated Damages, Severability, Termination, Payment of Costs.
For those with some insight in legal English, I am hopeful that these contract clauses make sense and do be sure you use them in their right translation.
Suntem specializati in traduceri juridice (contracte, legi..), traduceri de afaceri, contabilitate, traduceri medicale, traducem absolut orice document de specialitate.
Traducerile poarta stampila traducatorului autorizat de Ministerul Justitiei.
Oferim acuratete si preturi corecte.
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Traduceri romana-engleza

Engleza juridica si traducerile juridice, contractele in mod special, sunt cele mai dificile cursuri si traduceri.
Dificultatile englezei juridice se refera in primul rand la vocabularul adecvat traducerii si subiectului prezentat la curs. Engleza juridica include elemente de vocabular folosite mai ales in engleza veche si un anumit mod de exprimare, perceput ca fiind extrem de greoi si greu de utilizat de catre majoritatea clientilor mei.
Cum ati traduce urmatoarea clauza intr-un contract?


1.1.  Obligatiile proprietarului:
a) sa predea bunul in stare buna de functionare conform procesului – verbal de predare – primire anexat la prezentul contract;
b) sa ridice bunul lasat  in custodie, la data expirarii contractului.
1.2.   Obligatiile custodelui:
a) sa indeplinească toate actele de administrare si conservare a bunului/bunurilor ce face/fac obiectul prezentului contract;
b) sa permita accesul reprezentantilor proprietarului pentru a verifica integritatea bunului;
c) sa restituie proprietarului bunul , obiect al prezentului contract, la sfarsitul perioadei pentru care s-a incheiat prezentul contract;
d) sa nu intervina asupra instalatiei personal neautorizat, decat cu instiintarea proprietarului;
e) sa foloseasca doar produse achizitionate   prin  S.C. aaaa Srl;
f)  sa nu se foloseasca de bunul incredintat lui fara acordul expres al proprietarului;
g) sa nu incredinteze altei persoane bunul dat in custodie fara acordul expres formulat in scris al proprietarului.


4.1. Provisions for the owner:
a)  The owner shall entrust the custodian with the perfectly functional equipment, as stated in the document of delivery, as addenda to the present agreement;
b)  The owner shall take possession over the equipment, subject matter of this contract, at the termination date stipulated in the present agreement.
4.2. Provisions for the custodian:
a) The custodian shall manage and maintain thoroughly the above mentioned equipment,subject matter of this contract;
b) The custodian shall permit the representatives of the owner to verify the integrity and availability of the equipment;
c) The custodian shall deliver the equipment, the subject matter of this contract, to the owner, at the due date, stipulated in this agreement;
d) The custodian shall not permit unauthorized persons to intervene upon the equipment, subject matter of this contract, only provided the owner permits this course of action;
e) The custodian shall use only products/goods supplied by SC aaaa SRL;
f) The custodian shall not use the equipment entrusted, subject matter of this contract, without the explicit consent of the owner;
g) The custodian shall not entrust the equipment, subject matter of this agreement, to a third party, without the written consent of the owner.
Tarif traducere juridica autorizata: 30 lei pagina.