1. Answer the following questions:
What do you do?
What do you do every day in the week?
What do you do at the weekend?
What are you doing now?
What can you tell us about yourself?
Can you describe yourself in three sentences?
What is the easiest way of learning a language?
What questions would you like to ask your English teacher?
What did you do on your last business trip?
What is your favorite type of transport? Why?

What other foreign languages would you like to study and why?
In what ways do you hope to use your English in the future?
Looking back in your life, what has been a memorable event for you?
How would characterize yourself (in terms of achievements and skills)?
Give an example of an ability that you have developed in time.
What can you tell us about your interests and free time activities (past times)?
Can you take me through your day yesterday and explain what you worked on?
What was a recent challenge your team faced, and how you solved it.
What do you look forward at the end of the day?

• Make a presentation of a product that you usually purchase (perfume, mascara, clothing…). Point out main features, target customers, special editions…
• Start a conversation with someone you have just met (small talk).
• Write a short email to your colleagues about a meeting with your new customers next Thursday.

A: What is important when…?
Writing a newspaper advertisement for a job vacancy
– Description of the work
– Experience needed by applicants

 What is the difference between S-corporations and C-corporations?
 What is the free-riders issue?
 Can you enlarge upon ”vote with one’s feet’’?
 What is an LLP?
 What is an Ltd?
 The right of the first refusal?
 What is non-contentious litigation?
 In your opinion, what effect is technology having on the practice of law?
 What do you think law firms look for in associates when considering forming partnerships?
 How do lawyers advertise their services in your country?
 Enlarge upon:
– the effect of the increased use of the English language in business transactions
– the level of English needed
– the importance of language in law.

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