Legal English Mid-Term Test 1

Legal English Certificate Mid-Term Test 1


The following test covers the topics discussed during the first Legal English classes (Units 1-4).

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  • Define promoter, proxy, DBA filling, receiver.
  • What is the difference between S-corporations and C-corporations?
  • What is the free-riders issue?
  • Can you enlarge upon ”vote with one’s feet’’?
  • What is an LLP?
  • What is a PLC? What are the mandatory issues for a PLC?
  • What is an Ltd?
  • LLB/LLM ?
  • The right of the first refusal?
  • What is non-contentious litigation?
  • In your opinion, what effect is technology having on the practice of law?
  • What do you think law firms look for in associates when considering forming partnerships?
  • How do lawyers advertise their services in your country?
  • Enlarge upon:
    – the effect of the increased use of the English language in business transactions
    – the level of English needed
    – the importance of language in law.



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