Test engleza juridica pentru ILEC

Curs de engleza juridica

Test pregatitor pentru certificatul ILEC (Certificatul international de engleza juridica)

The test for the ILEC certificate includes the Test of Reading (1 hour 15 minutes), the Test of Writing (1 hour 15 minutes), the Test of Listening (approximately 40 minutes) and the Test of Speaking (approximately 16 minutes).

The complete tests are to be performed in class.

Test of Writing

Part 1

You must answer this question.

You are leaving on an extended course of study and are transferring your case load to a colleague. A client, a major supermarket, is involved in a dispute concerning the quality of fruit delivered by a long-time supplier.

Write a memorandum to your colleague to brief him on the case, and include the following points:

-some information on the client

-what the client has done to try to find a solution

-the options available to the client

-possible results of legal action.


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