Test engleza juridica

Test pregatitor pentru certificatul ILEC (Certificatul international de engleza juridica)

The test for the ILEC certificate includes the Test of Reading (1 hour 15 minutes), the Test of Writing (1 hour 15 minutes), the Test of Listening (approximately 40 minutes) and the Test of Speaking (approximately 16 minutes).

The complete tests are to be performed in class.

Test of Writing

Part 1

You must answer this question.

You are leaving on an extended course of study and are transferring your case load to a colleague. A client, a major supermarket, is involved in a dispute concerning the quality of fruit delivered by a long-time supplier.

Write a memorandum to your colleague to brief him on the case, and include the following points:

-some information on the client

-what the client has done to try to find a solution

-the options available to the client

-possible results of legal action.

Write your answer in 200-250 words in an appropriate style.

Test of Speaking

Part 1 (2 minutes)

For the Speaking Test  Part 1 you need to answer some questions as following:

-Where are you both from?

-Have you ever practiced law or are you a law student?

-What kind of qualities do you think a good lawyer needs?

-In your opinion, what effect is technology having on the practice of law?

-What do you think law firms look for in associates when considering  forming partnerships?

-How do lawyers advertise for their services in your country?

Part 2 (7 minutes)

For the Speaking Test Part2, contestants are given a choice of two different topics. You have to select one topic and give a short talk on it for about a minute. You will have a minute to choose and prepare your topic. After you have finished your talk, your partner will ask you a question.

Task 1A

English Use in International Business Law

-the effect of the increased use of the English language in business transactions

-the level of English needed

-the importance of language in law

Task 2B

Intellectual Property law

-an example of what is copyrightable in your country

-the rights that copyright provides

-the differences between intellectual property protection from one country to another

Task 2A

Contract law

-the most important points of a contract

-what effect on oral contract has

-what it happens if a contract is broken

Task 2B

The Legal Profession

-the legal training system in your country

-the types of work opportunities for lawyers

-the functions of professional bodies governing lawyers



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